Worldbuilding Quest

Want to get more in-depth help with your worldbuilding? Want the chance for one-on-one help? Want to be a trailblazer, helping to forge the way for others to follow?

Then, adventurer, read on…

We are delighted to be introducing our latest project: Worldbuilding Quest: a worldbuilding course for writers.

For this first enrolment, we’re looking for writers who want to level up their worldbuilding game by working directly with us to learn the ropes of detailed worldbuilding.

We’ll help you to develop skills that will enable you to continue worldbuilding for all of your future works of fiction, for years to come.

You’ll learn how to create rich, detailed and immersive worlds for your characters and stories. How to drive conflict through your world and how to set the stage for your whole story.

What we need from you is willingness to engage. This won’t be a passive learning experience. We want your feedback as the course develops to help make this course the best writing craft course out there. So we need you to join us on the journey and let us know what’s working for you and what you want more of.

If you think that sounds right for you, then head on over to our enrolment page here.