Episode 82: Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Orders

This week, Holly & Angeline get stuck in to the meaty topic of pre-orders. They cover the pros and cons, the nitty-gritty technical details and share some resources on further information.

It’s a juicy episode packed with useful information, so grab a notebook and take notes!

Listen on your favourite platform HERE.

  • You can do ebook preorders at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, B&N, and via aggregators such as D2D. Not all of the smaller stores do pre-orders, but if you access them via aggregators, the ebook will publish from the release date. D2D can’t aggregate pre-orders to Amazon, but we recommend that you always publish directly to Amazon anyway, even if you also use an aggregator for the other retailers.
  • Final files need to be on KDP by 72 hours before release – they do put a handy countdown on your dashboard and will email you reminders (even if your final files are in place)
  • Final files need to be on aggregators about 10 days before launch in order to give the files time to populate to all of the stores
  • Amazon.de: Advice from Amazon is “Pre-order books listed on Amazon.de are subject to the German fixed book price law. “If you increase the price during the pre-order period, all prior orders are cancelled. We’ll notify customers who bought your book about the new price and provide details for how they can buy the book again.”
  • You can’t do a paperback preorder with a KDP paperback but you can with Ingram Spark and they will distribute to Amazon – however, there are pitfalls with that. Check out episode 75 for more on this.
  • Amending a release date on a pre-order:
    • Moving it back: Amazon only allows you to do this once ever across your whole catalogue. If you do it a second time, you’ll lose the rights to pre-orders for a year.
    • Moving it forward: you can bring a release date forward without consequences from Amazon, but you might upset customers who are budgeting.
    • Cancelling a release: if you cancel a release while it’s on pre-order, you’ll lose the rights to pre-orders for a year.
  • If enrolling in KU, your KU term starts on release day and you cannot do countdown or free promotions on the pre-order.
  • Always check Amazon’s help: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G201499380


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