Episode 101: How to Maintain Your Passion for Writing While Running A Business

In this week’s episode, Holly digs into the mindset required to maintain a sense of joy and passion for writing when the business tasks threaten to overwhelm the creative side.

There is a danger whenever we turn our passion into a business that there may be times when it just isn’t fun any more. Lots of entrepreneurs feel that way.

But what do we do about it? The answer probably isn’t “give up”, because that would suck. We have to find ways to keep the joy, to tap into the passion.

But more than that, we need to detach our creative selves from the business owner sometimes. We need to trick ourselves into wearing different hats. When we finish writing, we need to take off the creative hat, and put on the business hat. How can we do that?

  • Try having different locations to do the different tasks – maybe write on a laptop on the sofa or at a coffee shop, then check your ads dashboard at a desk.
  • You could burn different scented candles, listen to different music, or put on different clothes or shoes.
  • Separate your week into writing days and business days. Or use writing time to restore you after being focused on business.

Detaching the creation of the art from the selling of the product may be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Some other tips:

  • Taking ample rest is important.
  • Restoring those energy reserves by taking in lots of good stories. The more we consume, the more we have to draw on in our own creative endeavours.
  • Write fun things with no intention to publish. Could be flash or short fiction, poetry, or something longer, but something just for you.
  • Choose marketing activities that you enjoy! Which social media platform do you enjoy using yourself the most? Focus on that one. Set the frequency of newsletters or social media posts that is tolerable for you. Share what you are comfortable sharing in a way that suits you.
  • You don’t have to be everywhere and do everything. If you really don’t want to do live events, or write newsletters, don’t force yourself to do it!
  • Outsource the things you really hate doing but see the value in having done well.
  • Make your writing environment fun. Maybe writing with others online or in person, maybe use music, or get out of the house. Optimise your environment so that it’s enjoyable.
  • Reward yourself for completing business tasks or hitting milestone. Do you celebrate a book launch?


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