Episode 160: Organising, Marketing, and Pitching to Literary Events with Alex Davis

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In this week’s epsiode, Angeline talks to Alex Davis, a freelance literature professional who has organised everything from online workshops to large-scale literary conventions.

He gives top tips for learning how events are put together and run, as well as discussing how to effectively market them. He also shares advice on how to pitch to yourself as a guest author.

A gem of an episode for anyone interested in literary events.

Alex Davis

Alex Davis is an author, lecturer, workshop leader and writing mentor in and around the East Midlands. He is an established organiser of horror, fantasy and science-fiction events, and has taught more than 50 writing courses, as well as a host of workshops tackling a wide range of topics in fiction, non-fiction and publishing.

Connect with Alex on Twitter, find his events on Eventbrite, or check out his website.

Listen on your favourite platform HERE.


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