Episode 184: Audiobooks with narrator and voice actor Jillian Yetter

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This week, Julia chats to audiobook narrator Jillian Yetter. They cover:

  • The importance of audiobooks
  • Steps to take to get your audiobook produced
  • The costs involved in audiobook production
  • The effect of AI in the audiobook industry
  • and more!

Jillian Yetter is an audiobook narrator and voice actor. Her story:

In 2019, I was faced with the difficult decision to leave the classroom due to illness. In an effort to satiate my love of literature and my connection to books, I turned to listening to audiobooks. As my health began to improve, I continued to appreciate the accessibility of this medium; I listened while I was cooking, folding laundry, driving, taking a run, while watching Paw Patrol with my kids, anything to stay connected to the literary world. When my health became stable, I sought a career option that would allow me to share my joy of literature with the world . It was then that I began my journey into audiobook narration. 

As an Audiobook Narrator, my goal is to breathe life into a story through a performance that lifts the characters off the page and builds a world around the listener. As a former English Teacher, I grasp the nuance of written-word and carry each piece as I transform it into spoken-word. I want nothing more than to nurture each author’s book-baby and bring it to life with my performance . I always told my students that my dream job was to be a “book on tape lady,” but I never imagined that my dream would become my reality.

Find out more about Jillian at jillianyetter.com

Listen on your favourite platform HERE



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