Episode 188: Turning Your Passion into a Business with Shelly Zev

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This week, Angeline talks to editor, librarian, and all-round literature enthusiast, Shelly Zev.

They chat about how to keep your excitement alive when your passion becomes your business, the importance of mindset, and how to keep a good work/life balance.

Shelly also explains the different types of edits, when an author should be looking to get edits done, and what’s happening in the publishing industry today.

Shelly Zev is a Toronto-based book professional versed in editing, the publication industry, and the library sector where she currently works part-time as a public-facing librarian.

Shelly graduated with High Distinction from the University of Toronto, one of the world’s top universities, where she earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a double major in English and Media Studies. She also completed her Master of Information (MI) from the same university where she specialized in Library and Information Sciences.

Find out more at shellyzev.com

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