Episode 3.14: Tropes we Love, Cliches we Hate

In today's episode, Holly and Angeline look at the difference between tropes and cliches in fiction. They discuss their favourite tropes, and why they're useful to signify your book's genre. They also give their tips for using tropes without making your book formulaic. Hear about the tropes they enjoy writing, and the cliches that drive [...]

Episode 3.12: How to Find and Develop Your Author Voice

Many new writers worry about 'finding' their voice, and, in today's episode, Holly and Angeline are here to tell you not to stress about it. They discuss the various influences that work together to build your author voice, and give their top tips to help it along. They talk about how their own voices have [...]

Episode 3.11: Crowdfunding for Authors with Kit Power

Having just finished a successful crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming collection of essays, 'My Life in Horror', author Kit Power discusses how he did it. He talks about repurposing content from blog to book, the help he had along the way, and the important lessons he's learnt through the experience. Hear about his moments of [...]

Episode 3.10: Writing Morally Grey Characters and Anti-Heroes

Everyone loves an anti-hero, right? In this episode, Holly and Angeline talk all about how to create morally grey characters and anti-heroes. They discuss how to get the balance right to craft anti-heroes that your readers will love, even if they know they shouldn't. They also talk about how those characters can redeem themselves, and [...]

Episode 3.7: Writing in Shared Worlds and Fighting with Editors with Dion Winton-Polak

This week, Angeline chats to freelance editor Dion Winton-Polak. Dion discusses his anthology, This Twisted Earth, which he both edited and conceptualised. He talks about the process of writing in a shared world, and how to pull it all together into a cohesive book. Angeline gets Dion's top tips for finding and working with an [...]

Episode 3.2: How to Successfully Write Urban Fantasy

Angeline and Holly discuss the differences between high and low fantasy, how to delve into adding fantasy elements to a real-world setting, and why you should never put a goat on your book cover! What is the difference between second-world fantasy and intrusion fantasy? And where does portal fantasy fit in? Find out about the [...]