Episode 92: Writing Interconnected Series and Hybrid Publishing with Steve McHugh

In this episode, Holly chats to best selling urban fantasy author, Steve McHugh. They covered his writing journey so far, getting picked up for a book deal with Amazon imprint, 47North, writing interconnected series, being a free agent with an eye on going indie again in future, and how the last year has impacted his [...]

Episode 85: What Indie Authors Can Learn From Traditional Publishers

In this week's episode, Holly gives a rundown of some of the things that indie authors can learn from their traditionally published counterparts. Both sides of the industry have strengths and weaknesses and have valuable practices for each other to emulate. The episode briefly covers what traditional publishing could learn from indie, and then goes [...]

Episode 72: NaNoWriMo From the Trenches – The Value of Your Tribe

In this episode, Holly interviews her NaNoWriMo writing tribe. Meet first-time novelist, Sam Frost; adult fantasy adventure author Laura Kendrick; and dark fantasy author Yanni Jade. Sam Frost, photo by Claire GroganLaura KendrickYanni Jade In this panel-style discussion, we dig into what's working during this round of NaNo, the importance of finding your tribe, our [...]