Episode 4.16: Smash Your Goals with Holly Lyne

Today, Angeline interviews Holly about her new book, Goal Setting for Writers. They talk about Holly's history with planning and organisation; how her planning fits in with being a discovery writer; and, of course, bullet journaling. Listen on your favourite platform HERE. Resources Goal Setting for WritersUnstoppable Authors Facebook GroupUnstoppable Authors on PatreonIndie Fire Writers [...]

Episode 4.15: Coping with Bad Reviews and Rejection

Any writing career is full of ups and downs, and today, Angeline's tackling the inevitable down moments with her top tips for coping with bad reviews and rejections. She offers up the reasons you might receive a rejection, none of them being that you're a bad writer! Hear her top tips for moving on, regaining [...]

Episode 4.13: Writing Crime with Samantha Goodwin

Today, Holly talks with mystery author, Samantha Goodwin. They discuss what it takes to write a compelling crime story, the importance of networking, plus ways that Samantha supports the indie author community. Our question of the week: Where did you get your love of stories? Let us know in the comments here, in our Facebook [...]

Episode 4.8: Formatting Your Books with Julia Scott

Today, Holly talks to sci-fi and fantasy author Julia Scott about her writing process and the importance of good formatting. They get into ideas coming to writers as dreams, having multiple streams of income and why readers subconsciously value a well-formatted book. Julia has a formatting and logo design business as well as writing fiction. [...]