Episode 80: Outsourcing and Working With Freelancers

In this episode, Angeline and Holly dig into the nitty-gritty of outsourcing tasks in your author business. They talk about what you might want to outsource and why, the things to look for in a freelancer, where to find freelancers, what to do if things turn sour, and how to nurture a positive relationship with [...]

Episode 79: Book Release Strategies

In this week's episode, Angeline and Holly discuss ways to help make your book launch a success. They talk through setting up pre-orders, utilising social media and your mailing list, and running review teams. They also cover some of the pitfalls and mistakes they've made and touch on some tricky things to watch out for. [...]

Episode 73: Live at Indie Fire!

In this special epsiode, Holly and Angeline reflect on the big event and talk about world building, their first love, with guests Marisa Noelle and J.D. Groom. The discussion was live-streamed, and can still be watched, in the Unstoppable Authors Facebook group. Listen on your favourite platform HERE. Resources Marisa Noelle's websiteJ.D. Groom's websiteYour First [...]

Episode 72: NaNoWriMo From the Trenches – The Value of Your Tribe

In this episode, Holly interviews her NaNoWriMo writing tribe. Meet first-time novelist, Sam Frost; adult fantasy adventure author Laura Kendrick; and dark fantasy author Yanni Jade. Sam Frost, photo by Claire GroganLaura KendrickYanni Jade In this panel-style discussion, we dig into what's working during this round of NaNo, the importance of finding your tribe, our [...]