Episode 98: Finding Stories from your World Map

In this episode, Angeline talks about how to find story ideas from your world map. She discusses why you might want to use your map as inspiration, and then looks at all the different places stories might be hiding. From finding places of conflict, to creating characters from locations, this episode offers a whole host [...]

Episode 97: Long Term Planning for Your Author Career

In this episode, Angeline & Holly talk about avoiding burnout, keeping an eye on changes in the industry, viewing your books as lifelong assets and choosing what steps to take towards your long term goals. Listen on your favourite platform HERE. Resources Goal Setting for Writers by Holly LyneWriter Burnout and Energy Pennies (Burnout #1) [...]

Episode 92: Writing Interconnected Series and Hybrid Publishing with Steve McHugh

In this episode, Holly chats to best selling urban fantasy author, Steve McHugh. They covered his writing journey so far, getting picked up for a book deal with Amazon imprint, 47North, writing interconnected series, being a free agent with an eye on going indie again in future, and how the last year has impacted his [...]

Episode 91: Writing For Different Age Groups

This week, Angeline and Holly explore the ins and outs of writing middle grade, young adult and new adult fiction. They cover the difference between age category and genre, story content, and marketing tips. Listen on your favourite platform HERE. Resources Writing Irresistible Kidlit by Mary KoleUnstoppable Authors MerchandiseUnstoppable Authors Facebook GroupUnstoppable Authors on PatreonIndie [...]