Worldbuilding Challenge

If you follow us on Instagram then it’s likely you’ve seen our Worldbuilding Quest challenges in the past and hopefully seen something about our latest iteration of it.

But I wanted to take a minute to give a bit more detail about what’s happening with it.

Next week, beginning on Monday 26th August 2019, we’ll be running a week long mega challenge. In this version of Worldbuilding Quest, we’re going to be emailing participants with daily writing and worldbuilding prompts.

Each day, you’ll get an email with a set of related prompts. They might be character names, locations, events and so on. Each day, the challenge is to write something that incorporates one or more of those prompts.

You can do whatever you like with them: flash fiction, one longer story building from one day to the next, add them to an existing work in progress; anything you like.

But we also want you to join us in our private Discord room to talk about your ideas, get feedback, troubleshoot, share your writing and get critiques from us and other members.

This is a collaborative endeavour and we can’t wait to get started!

To sign up, just click here and check your inbox!

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